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Imagine how it would feel to have a writing plan
and write with ease and efficiency?

Do you struggle with:

  • writer’s block?
  • making time to write?
  • problems around style or grammar?
  • feeling like you are working so hard that the joy of writing has vanished?
  • wishing someone could give you big-picture feedback on your book?

Writing can sometimes feel like a very solitary endeavor. Don’t go it alone.

As your writing coach, I will partner with you along your writer’s journey.

Just a few of the benefits you will receive from my coaching include:

  • Guidance in setting measurable, attainable writing goals
  • Weekly accountability
  • Support and encouragement when the going gets tough
  • Detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript
  • Guidance in balancing your writing goals with other demands such as work or family
  • A partner who will help you develop and hone your unique literary voice

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What a difference between the writer I was, and the writer I am since working with Donna! I came to Donna in the early stages of my project. I had an idea of where I wanted to go, but on my own, I was only circling the block. Her coaching know-how set me on course to turn the story in my head into actual chapters of my draft.
Donna is the real deal. She guides with wisdom, warmth, encouragement, and enthusiasm, and it’s a total delight to have her in your corner, cheering you on. And besides all this, she maintains high expectations for her writers. A pivotal moment was when she spoke frankly to me about the unworkability of my writing practice, which was irregular at the time. Because she did not back down from calling out problems when she saw them, I knew that she was not just humoring me as a novice writer, and that I could trust her feedback, both the praise and the course-corrections. Thank you, Donna, for fast-tracking me toward the skills I needed to start meeting my own expectations as a writer. Who knows how long that would have taken without you!

—Jennifer Ramos

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