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Imagine how it would feel to have a writing plan
and write with ease and efficiency?

Do you struggle with:

  • writer’s block?
  • making time to write?
  • problems around style or grammar?
  • feeling like you are working so hard that the joy of writing has vanished?
  • wishing someone could give you big-picture feedback on your book?

Writing can sometimes feel like a very solitary endeavor. Don’t go it alone.

As your writing coach, I will partner with you along your writer’s journey.

Just a few of the benefits you will receive from my coaching include:

  • Guidance in setting measurable, attainable goals
  • A detailed plan for meeting those goals
  • Someone who will hold you accountable, one week at a time
  • Support and encouragement when the going gets tough
  • Honest feedback
  • Guidance in balancing your writing goals with other demands such as work or family
  • Strategies for avoiding procrastination

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